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36 Year Memorial Class Reunion Pix!

2541_Welcome_Sign Memorial High School 36 Year Reunion
October 11, 2008
Mark White (1954-1971), Jeff Erbacher (1954-1979), Rob Fahrenkrug (1954-1979), Nancy Barron (1954-1986), John Hargrave (1954-1990), George Hite (1953-1992), Pat Thomas (1954-1995), Debbie Huff (1954-1995), Tim Loehr (1954-1997),
Terry Stuckey (1953-1997), Mary Bell (1954-1998), Gary Titzer (1954-2002), Michele Tooley (1954-2004)
2504_Table_1 Memorabilia
2503_Table_2 More Memorabilia
2502_Table_3 Nice Centerpiece
2501_Table_4 Door Prizes
2500_Table_5 More Door Prizes
2506_JimM_GregW Jim
2507_RobinL_KevinL Robin and Kevin
2509_BobW_GregW Bob and Greg
2510_LoriB_PatB Lori and Pat
2511_MarionM_DaveH Marion and Dave
2512_BrandyT_SteveD Brandy and Steve
2513_DaveH_ChrisH Dave and Chris
2514_WilfredS_LindaD_DebbieR Wilfred, Linda and Debbie
2515_WilfredS_LindaD Wilfred and Linda
2516_SueH_EdA Sue and Ed
2517_DawnE_StanE Dawn and Stan
2518_MikeW_TomF Mike and Tom
2519_BarbF_KathyD Barb and Kathy
2520_SharonC_GregW Sharon and Greg
2521_KathyM_BeckyB Kathy and Becky
2522_ConnieB_KathyM Connie and Kathy
2523_SteveF_GregW Steve and Greg
2524_BobW_KathyM_SteveF Bob, Kathy and Steve
2525_TerryM_LaurieF Terry and Laurie
2527_GregW_KathyR Greg and Kathy
2528_MimseyS_GregW Mimsey and Greg
2529_MarcD Marc
2530_RobS_CassieS Rob and Cassie
2531_KimS_ClayS Kim and Clay
2532_CindyB_ChrisH Cindy and Chris
2533_JohnB John
2534_BobW_DebbieH.jpg Bob and Debbie
2536_TimM_MarcD Tim and Marc
2537_PatB_GregW_GloriaG_ChrisH Pat, Greg, Gloria, Chris and Mimsey
2539_GregS Chris, Greg, and Henry
2540_DaveM_MaryL Dave and Mary


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