Sept. 13, 1993


Dear Becky,


            You were so kind to help me in July with my request for a search of partition records, complete probate - common pleas, probate and guardianship records on James Hale, which were most appreciated, and quite helpful.


            May I ask you once again for a search of these same records for Ephraim Hale and Davis/Davies Hale, brothers to James?  The object is the same.  I am trying to learn if either was the father of Aaron F. Hale.  Ephraim, Davis & James’ father was Levi Hale Sr. 


Davis Hale died Feb. 7, 1870 in Spencer Co., In.  From “Index to In. Wills to 1880.”  Neither Davis nor Ephraim Hale are listed.  This is why I need the above listed sources searched.  There “may” be another brother named Isaac Hale.  If his name should surface while looking for Ephraim (death date unknown) and Davis/Davies Hale, I would appreciate it if his records could be checked to see if he had a son named Aaron F. Hale/Hail, etc.


I found both Ephraim and Davis Hale on the 1850 Spencer Co., In. census, neither had a son Aaron F. in their household, which I was hoping for since the census was taken on a different date then the one in Orange Co., In., where I find Aaron F. Hale as a farm hand in the household of Jacob Elrod.  There is only one other Hale family on the 1850 Orange Co., In. census, a Levi Hale.  He has been researched and a will found on him in Ill.  He lies in with the above Hales of Spencer Co. and Warrick Co., In. where another brother Isham Hale to Ephraim, Davis & James settled.  No other Hales are in southern In., so I feel sure Aaron F. has to come from this family of Hales.  It’s just a matter of elimination in finding which son of Levi Hale, Sr. it was.  Levi Hale, Jr. & Isham Hale, plus James that you checked into have been eliminated.  This leaves Ephraim and Davis Hale.


If the fee is greater than the amount enclosed (using guide from previous fee charged), please advise or bill me the difference and balance will be mailed promptly.


Thanking you in advance for your kind help Becky.  I cannot begin to tell you how much it means to know I can count on your help and know the records will be given a thorough check.



                                                                                    Sincerely yours,



Judith Burkhardt

Berne, IN  46711